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Managing Treasury in a New Economy

Managing Treasury in a New Economy

Since the advent of the global financial crisis, financial markets have had to accept the fact that the so-called 'new economy' is here to stay, bringing with it a multitude of changes in the way business is conducted. The world is undoubtedly a fundamentally different place from the pre-crisis period.

This has had, and continues to have, a profound impact on the mechanisms of the financial industry, specifically from a regulatory perspective. Increased regulation has brought with it a potentially higher cost of doing business as well as changes in the rules applicable to banks. It has also had a significant impact on treasury management, given that it deals with the important element of risk management in a variety of fields.

Key Points

  • Managing banking regulation in the new world
  • The African challenge
  • Learning from the international experience
  • The global growth imperative


TMI Academy

Included in: Country Focus Series

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Chris Paizis

Absa Capital

Head of Corporate Sale and Risk Solutions Group

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