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Financing Dynamic Distribution

Financing Dynamic Distribution

As trading business undergoes a shift from letters of credit (LC) to open account transactions, financial supply chain management solutions have become increasingly relevant. The credit squeeze triggered by the financial crisis has made large corporates more alert to issues surrounding liquidity and risk in their supply chains. To ensure supply chain stability, forward looking companies are seeking value-added financing facilities that benefit the various stakeholders located along the corporate supply chain.

This new attitude has contributed to the increased uptake of supply chain finance (SCF), as attested by global banking institutions in previous research reports commissioned and released by Demica in recent years.

Key Points

  • Definition of distributor finance
  • Role of DF in emerging markets
  • Funding structures and risk mitigation in DF set-ups
  • Use of DF among global corporates
  • DF offerings from banks
  • Administrative and technical requirements for DF solution providers


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Phillip Kerle


Chief Executive Officer

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