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They Shoot Treasurers, Don't They?

Threats to the treasury profession

The last few years have seen a globalisation of the economy, globalisation that has had the effect of rationalising activities and consolidating them, merging them together or displacing them. Even if the waves of mergers seem to have been becoming less frequent over the last few months, the obvious economic slowdown and the aftermath of the financial crisis, which is still having its effects, have caused a number of companies to rationalise their staff.

The profession of treasurer would not seem to have been immune from this trend. But for all that, you may say that the work has never before been as difficult and diverse. Think of financial regulations and new tax rules, such as the consequences of BEPS, or further IFRS accounting standards which will all only increase treasurers'workloads.

Key Points

  • Advantages & disadvantages of the treasury function
  • A hyper-specialist in a hyper- regulated-world
  • The paradox of development
  • The role of the treasury association
  • New services?

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Written by:


François Masquelier

RTL Group

Head of Corporate Finance and Treasury, RTL Group, and Honorary Chairman of the European Association of Corporate Treasurers

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