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Treasury Management in China Collection

Become an expert on treasury management in China with our new digital collection. This offer contains a valuable selection of digital material pertinent to the operation of treasury in the Chinese market. Key topics include cross-border liquidity, the SFTZ, managing RMB offshore, Asian treasury centre location analysis and more. 

It includes a how to guide and a case study article by TMI editor Helen Sanders, three consultancy articles by David Blair of Acarate Consulting and a free Kreston International guide to doing business in China.

1. Helen Sanders - TMI:
Treasury Management in China - How to Guide

2. David Blair - Acarate Consulting:
CIPS - China’s Hybrid Net Settlement Clearing System

3. David Blair - Acarate Consulting:
Shanghai Free Trade Zone for Liquidity Management

4. David Blair - Acarate Consulting:
Location, Location, Location 

Helen Sanders - TMI:
Reflect and Refine - Treasury in China

6. Kreston International:
FREE: Doing Business in China

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