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Financial Supply Chain Series

Brush up on your supply chain finance with 6 of our leading articles on this challenging topic

This series of articles contains a selection of corporate case studies. Designed to give you a complete overview of the financial supply chain, this series provides a thorough read for those wanting to understand the foundations of the supply chain, in an easily downloadable format.

Please note: Every article in this series is also included in the Unlimited Case Studies offer.

Featured Articles:

1. Delhaize Group:
From Theory to Practice in Supplier Financing

2. Demica:
Financing Dynamic Distribution

3. Bayer MaterialScience:
Automating P2P to Enhance Performance

4. Demica:
Forging New Links?

5. Joe & the Juice
Facilitating Growth Through Efficient Working Capital

6. Wills Towers Watson
Managing Capital Market Transactions - The View from In-House Counsel

Compiled By: 

Helen Sanders: 

Editor of Treasury Management International (TMI).

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