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Investment Series

Navigate the treasury investment environment with 10 of our leading articles on money market funds, tri-party repo and more.

Find out how the most progressive corporate treasuries invest their cash and liquidity with these articles which have been designed to give you practical insight into this vital treasury topic. Our collection on investment features 10 case studies from successful international corporate treasuries on money markets, repurchase agreements, asset allocation & more. They are a great starting point for newer treasurers, a valuable addition to any existing in-house training you may already have or a highly beneficial resource for more experienced teams wanting to stay abreast of current investment trends.

Please note: Every article in this series is also included in the Unlimited Case Studies membership.

Featured Articles:

1. My Treasury:
Money Market Funds in a Changing World: A Portal Perspective

2. TMI:
Convergence and Change for Money Market Investment?

3. TMI:
The End or the Beginning for Money Market Funds

4. SunGard:
A Risk Averse Approach to Cash Investment

5. Royal Ahold NV:
Developing a Post-Crisis Investment Strategy

6. Institutional MMFs Association:
Why Money Market Funds Remain a Viable and Robust Investment

7. Intel Treasury:
SWIFT for Treasury Investments at Intel

8. SunGard:
Understanding Cash Investment Trends

9. RTL Group:
Tri-party Repo - How to Finance Yourself and Invest Your Funds

10. Clearstream:
Tri-Party Repo: So Much Easier Than You Think

Compiled By:

Helen Sanders: 

Editor of Treasury Management International (TMI).
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