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Investment Series

Navigate the treasury investment environment with 10 of our leading articles on money market funds, tri-party repo and more.

This collection of articles contains a selection of corporate case studies. Designed to give you a complete overview of investment, this set of articles provides an thorough read for those wanting to understand the foundations of investment, in an easily downloadable format.

Please note: Every article in this series is also included in the Unlimited Case Studies offer.

Featured Articles

1. My Treasury:
Money Market Funds in a Changing World: A Portal Perspective

2. TMI:
Convergence and Change for Money Market Investment?

3. TMI:
The End or the Beginning for Money Market Funds

4. SunGard:
A Risk Averse Approach to Cash Investment

5. Royal Ahold NV:
Developing a Post-Crisis Investment Strategy

6. Institutional MMFs Association:
Why Money Market Funds Remain a Viable and Robust Investment

7. Intel Treasury:
SWIFT for Treasury Investments at Intel

8. SunGard:
Understanding Cash Investment Trends

9. RTL Group:
Tri-party Repo - How to Finance Yourself and Invest Your Funds

10. Clearstream:
Tri-Party Repo: So Much Easier Than You Think

Compiled By: 

Helen Sanders: 

Editor of Treasury Management International (TMI).

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